"Taking a little day trip?"

Jimmy Dugan: A League of Their Own (1992)

Since I have been bitten by the travel bug, and that bite has in turn turned into a festering wound, I am thinking I may start taking some day trips. Just random locations here and there, all within a say…maximum three hour radius. I’m not sure how far that will get me. And the first person to say three hours away gets shot. Apparently Solvang is 2 hours 48 minutes away at a distance of 154 miles. So, let’s say I am for anything between home and approximately 150 miles. Or I know, do it in stages. Everything in a 50 mile radius, then between 51-100, then 101-150. That should cover quite a bit. I need a map and a compass. Not a directional compass. I mean one of those things you draw circles with. (At this point I have to add there is a guest in the lobby of the hotel driving me insane. He’s a teeth sucker. Every 2 minutes or so, he makes THAT noise. And THAT noise is interspersed with hacking, not coughing, hacking, and newspaper rattling.) Maybe now is the time to put that AAA membership to work for something other than towing my car.

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"What are your orders, sir?"

Maj. G. Moxley Sorrel: Gettysburg (1993)

The 09/10 fiscal schedule came out today. And, while it’s not orders, those won’t be cut for a while, it is clear the husband will be deploying next July/August. That’s what it said, just like that. Well, not just like that, it was more like: July/August DEPLOY

It doesn’t say where, it doesn’t say for how long, but it does say you’re going.

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"Chief, you can take this job, and you can shovel it."

Lenina Huxley: Demolition Man (1993)

It is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. I’m keeping my job and resigning from one of my volunteer positions. I should probably step down from more while I’m at it, but for now, this will do. I have been a volunteer with BSA in some capacity for the past 8 years. For the most part, I love what I do. But lately, there has been one person who has made my position at the troop a nightmare. I spent all day today working on the calendar. It was on my to-do list. I put it on my to-do list because it is my job TO DO it. So I did it. Then you know what, tonight at scouts the source of my nightmares decides that everyone needs to attend the August parents meeting because that’s when we will be setting the calendar. Um, what? So I take my hot head out to the parking lot to tattle on him…to the person who chairs that meeting. It was news to her and she was not pleased. The saddest part about this situation is what he did tonight isn’t the reason I’m quitting. I’d already informed the chair of my intention before tonight’s meeting. And know what she told me? She’s quitting too.

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Revisited: "The pain! The pain! What agony I’m in!"

Buaku: Dominion (1988) (V)

My sunburn is not getting any better. It’s still as red and as tender as it was 3 days ago. At least the skin isn’t hot anymore. That heat might have been the worst part of it. I could feel it radiating onto my face. The solution to that was a damp cloth. That was fine as long as I was awake. But the heat would wake me up when I was sleeping. I felt like I had a furnace blasting my face. I am hesitant to say, “At least it doesn’t itch.” Because the second I do, you know it will.

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"How do ya plan to do that?"

Grammi Gummi: Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985)

The planning is going well. The plan itself sucks. On paper it looks like I’ll still be doing stuff on my to-do list well into next year. I’m sure I could pick up the pace on a few things. Other things simply have waiting periods I can’t account for. Like the stuff with the probate court. I estimated it would take 90 days for the court to set the date. If I get an earlier date, I can bump up the stuff that follows. But for now, from the date I turn the paperwork in I have 90 days on the calendar before I can do the next thing probate wise. The saddest bit is that 90 day span isn’t empty. I filled it in with the other things from the to-do list. And that’s why the plan itself sucks. If I do one thing a day, Monday to Friday until the end of the year, I still won’t have my list completed. And you know how it goes. Things get added on to the list every day. It never ends.

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"Making, uh, making a list, are you? And of what may I ask?"

Chuck Bartowski: Chuck (2007), Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon (#2.16)

I was reading an article in Men’s Health, the Australian edition. (The husband brings a lot of Oz mags home from work.) The article is called Appetite for Distraction. I don’t know how long the link will last, but basically it gives you five ways to up your efficiency. The suggestion I really liked was for the “I’ll do it tomorrow” procrastinators. The fix was to grab a diary (planner), enter the deadline and work backward. With the giant to do list I have, I figured it couldn’t hurt. I used an excel spreadsheet, each worksheet was a month. And horizontally across the top I number 1 to whatever for the dates. Under the dates I listed the ‘to do’ items. I didn’t finish, but it’s a start.

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"The pain! The pain! What agony I’m in!"

Buaku: Dominion (1988) (V)

Is it just me, or are sunburns more painful these days? I’ve been burnt before, but it seems to me each one has been progressively more painful. I know, I know, Ms. Sun Phobia managed to get herself burned. We went to the fair. I covered up, a long sleeve shirt over my tank-top. I wore a hat, and stuck to the shade. Still I managed to burn my chest. Guess I should have gone back for that sun block I left in my bag when I dropped my stuff off at the booth. Normally I apply sun block before leaving the house and again when I get out of the car once I’ve arrived. But this time I was in quite a hurry and the sun block never got applied. Then, once we got to the fair, it was go go go. I thought about the sun block, the husband even suggested we return for it. I declined. I thought I was well covered. For the most part I was. My arms, legs, face and back are fine. Not even a hit of color. But my chest…let me tell you, I’m in agony.

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"My biggest fear is that there is no such thing as PMS and that this is who I really am."

Carol Weston: Empty Nest (1988)

I’m willing to admit, maybe I’ve been suffering from a wee bit of PMS lately. I am feeling much better today. Still tired, still exhausted but not nearly as Eeyoreish as I have been. I did grab some good sleep earlier. That probably helped. I’m still desperately yearning for a vacation. But, now when I start thinking about my dreaded to do list, I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as before. I should probably grab hold of the good mood and get that list down on paper.

I’m beginning to believe perspective matters more than I thought. There is an ever so slight difference between ‘steps-I-need-to-take’ and ‘things-I-need-to-do’ both are TO DO lists. But where the former implies forward progress, the later implies an insurmountable list of tasks with no payoff or reward. At least to me it does. Pretty darn silly, don’t you think?

I really wish I didn’t need a list. But a) I love making lists (hate getting the work on the done though) and b) without a list I’ll forget something. Heck even with a list I forget stuff. Maybe because I haven’t gotten in the habit of checking the list once it’s made. Unfortunately I need one now more than ever since certain things have to happen before I do other things. I know, I’m talking about a check list, a go/no go list. Oh, I like that. See, it really is all a matter of perspective.

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"I say go for it. The worst thing that could happen is you’ll end up jobless, aimless, completely bored and increasingly depressed…."

Tim: Temps (1999)

Sometimes I struggle to find a quote. Others, well, not so much. Today was a not so much day. And riddle me this, why is it, the more I think I might be a little depressed, the worse I feel? Can a person actually be depressed about possibly being depressed? It could happen. OK, so what? I might be a little depressed. Who could blame me if I was? My work schedule alone is enough to throw anyone off balance. I never managed to settle into a routine. And I hear when you’re working a non standard shift, such as graveyard like I do, routines become critical. Then there’s the whole sun aversion thing I’ve got going on. If it wasn’t for the fact the sun is already up when I leave work in the morning I’d probably never see it. I am just so run down and exhausted. I need a vacation. And I need everything done before I go on vacation so I’m not worried about the mess waiting for me when I get back. I really need a big huge master list of everything I need to get done. Trying to keep it all in my head is overwhelming. Then, when I remember something I’d forgotten, I have to add it on to the list and the list gets longer and longer. There’s no payoff. I think I need a list where I can physically cross off completed items. Something where down the road a bit I can look back and actually see how much I got done. Sure, sounds great…I’ll add it to my list.

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"Why couldn’t you get a boy-band song stuck in your head like everyone else?"

Phoebe: Charmed (1998), We All Scream for Ice Cream (#3.10)

Life would be so much easier if I could get this idea for world travel out of my head. I keep running scenarios, and no matter which way I spin it, something always suffers. At this point I just want to throw my hands in the air and say, “Forget it, forget everything.” But what good would that do? None I tell you, since it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for a few years now.

I have a list a mile long of things I need to do. Prepare the probate paperwork, call the appraiser, call the court clerk, (oh that reminds me, I need to call local court too since I missed jury duty. I know…I’m going to hell. Well maybe jail…same difference.) and call the county recorder. That’s just the stuff I have to do to get to the point where I can start working on the paperwork for one property. My list is growing to overwhelming proportions. I’ve tried to break it down, and I’ve succeeded. The problem is, I break it down, get one thing accomplished then I burn out. By the time I’m ready to start on the list again, it is twice as long as it was before. Seems to me the only thing I’ve accomplished lately has been whining and complaining. I hate that, I really do. I just can’t seem to stop. You ever met anyone who doesn’t have any impulse control? How about someone who doesn’t have any impulses to control? That’s where I’m at. I would love an impulse or two to put in check, but I’ve got nothing. I’m tap dancing around the subject here because I just don’t want to say the d-word. But maybe I am depressed. That might explain it all. Maybe it would be just another excuse. Maybe it’s just PMS. Or maybe I’m crashing from my sugar high. Three smores and half a box of Hostess chocolate covered donuts does not a healthy diet make.

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