I really was attempting to be the last person on earth without Facebook, MySpace or a Blog. I don’t know how close I came in the grand scheme before I caved, but obviously I gave in and here I am. It’s getting to be the only way to keep in contact these days. Somewhere along the line, e-mail became too much trouble. Posting comments became the new e-mail. It’s no longer a matter of “Remember when people wrote letters?” Instead we have, “Remember when people still spoke to each other?” Those days are gone, now you text your friends, even when they’re sitting right next to you.

So, this is my contribution to the downfall of face to face communication. I’ll share with you the best, the worst and everything in between. You can view the frightening state of my mind, or the even more frightening state of my home and garden. Go ahead and laugh as I try to convince myself to stop blaming the tightness of my pants on the dryer. It’s nearly as funny as the drama caused by my friends and family. With money the subject of a lot of conversations these days, here’s an honest look about the numbers at our house. And in the interest of honest looks, here’s what homeschooling looks like around here. Last but not least, two of my favorite ways to waste my time, reading and writing.

I welcome comments and questions below or by e-mail: mail@fivecurtaincalls.com I hope you enjoy this project as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.


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