“Did my eye twitch?”

Harry Berg: The Squeeze (1987)

It started yesterday after I woke up. It was twitching pretty bad for a while, and kept up all night while I was at work. It is still going and it’s driving me crazy. Even worse, according to Chinese superstition this is not a good thing. It’s my left eye, and twitching in the left eye is a sign of bad luck coming my way. Maybe I’d be better off believing the Indian superstition where the left eye is a good omen.

At any rate, I started this post in the afternoon before I went to bed with my twitching eye. Around 7:30 the investor called and left me a message on my voice mail. I’m sure you can guess it wasn’t good news. Not that it was bad news either, it was just odd. He said there might be mail coming for the owner, and if it did, I wasn’t supposed to return it to the sender. I was supposed to get it and call him so he could come pick it up. I didn’t think of this until now, but I think he might mean there’s something that needs to be signed for. That would be even worse than I thought. I guess it’s time to go look up the eviction laws for tenants renting properties facing foreclosure.

The good news is it looks like we found a place that interests us. It is practically just around the corner from where we are now, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and the price is right. I’ll post more when I know more.

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