“Ow, my shin! Such pain I am feeling!”

Bowling Terrorist Leader: Heppoko jikken animêshon excel saga (1999)

Since the husband has to get in shape he started walking. He has 7 weeks. For the first week he’s walking, just to loosen things up. That means we all started walking. 45 minutes…once around the block…2.3 miles…walking…for 45 minutes…every night. Tonight made 4 nights in a row. The first night wasn’t so bad. A sharp reminder of how out of shape I am, but not bad. The second night was better than the first. We kept a brisk pace and had a nice walk. Last night however I felt like I was struggling through molasses. I have shin splints, and my back and hips are so sore. There is a joke in our house that I never stick to my exercise program more than three days. Now I know why. Last night was so difficult – day three must feel like this all the time. I can tell you I didn’t want to walk tonight. But I did it, yes I did. 45 minutes…once around the block…2.3 miles…walking…for 45 minutes.

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