"Would you like some new shoes?"

Charles Rutledge: They All Laughed (1981)

Along with the husbands 09/10 FY schedule came notice of a physical fitness test. It’s the first weekend in October. That gives the husband seven weeks to get in a shape other than round. To do this, I guess he needs new shoes. My husband and shoe shopping do not go well together. The finding the shoes part isn’t so bad. It’s convincing him to go ahead with the purchase of the shoes he really likes as opposed to the cheaper shoes that is a nightmare since the shoes he really likes are almost always more expensive by quite a bit. Today was no different. I snuck a pair of the more expensive shoes on the pile, and he really liked those, until he saw the price. Then we went back to the cheaper modes but the disappointment was evident. They just didn’t feel as ‘cushy’. So I snuck the ones he really liked back in the try-on pile and he really liked those some more. I told him to just give up at that point. While I don’t equate more expensive with better all the time, point of fact, my walking shoes are a $60 pair of Nike’s. Expensive to some, but on the scale of athletic shoe pricing, on the low end. I believe athletic shoes are expensive for a reason the same way computers are expensive for a reason. Time and effort spent in design multiplied by technology and material used in construction. I don’t mind paying $135 for shoes if they get worn. I do mind paying $39.99 for shoes then have the only action they see is as the subject of the complaint they aren’t comfortable. If that $135 saves my sanity, well, who could say no? I not a fan of ‘I told you so’. Unfortunately it is a phrase I utter too often. Not to rub in that I was right. Instead it comes in the form that you should have listened to me, but didn’t. I never get the chance to be right the first time. Always in retrospect and by then it’s too late. Well this time, I was not about to listen to another six month bitch that the reason the shoes grow dust in the closet is because they aren’t comfortable. I’d rather listen to the bitch over the cost. At least it is short term and negated by how happy cushy shoes can make a man who spends his days on his feet in steel toe boots.

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