"Oh, great. How much is this going to cost me?"

Ken Titus: Titus (2000)

One thing I forgot to consider when coming up with this little day trip idea was cost. Money will definitely be a factor. Now consider, we’re planning stateside travel as part of our Round the World trip. If we go/see/do things we were planning to include on the trip now, we wont have to go/see/do them later thus giving us more time. BUT, some of those things will cost money making this a time/money equation. If we take a weekly day trip, when it comes to the RTW trip, we will have more time, but less money. The solution would be to save more money, but sure, *insert sarcasm* that’s as easy as it sounds. Maybe I should figure out what our daily budget will be, and set that as the max per trip. I am aiming for $30,000 per person for the RTW. Using that as the base, the per day cost comes out to $82 per person. $82pp pd times three people and the day trip max could reasonably be $250. Oh, Wow! One trip a week, we’re looking at roughly $25600 in day trips over the next two years. No way! That’s almost 1/3rd of the entire budget! I think not! Sure, we are talking about a hair over 100 trips, but let’s be real. What if we take the per person cost and set that as the budget, $82 per trip for all three. That puts us just over $8500 for the day trips, or 9% of the total RTW budget. I still don’t want to do that, 9% is a big chunk. If we make $82 the monthly budget, we come in just under $2000 for the two years. Heck, Rachel Ray spends $40 a day on FOOD when she travels. And she considers that a good thing. $82 a month means we can spend $20 on each day trip, $20.55 to be exact. Am I up to that challenge? Ah, what the heck. Let’s give it a shot. Now, for the ground rules: Beginning August 10, 2009 I have $82 per month to spend on day trips. Better yet, let’s call a duck a duck and say I that I have $20.55 each week to spend. Money can be carried over to the next week, but not borrowed from the weeks ahead. Gasoline does not count toward the total. If it did, we wouldn’t get out of the driveway. But I will count all tolls and parking fees. Food purchase anywhere between the driveway and destination, including at the destination, counts. Food brought from home that was purchased within the regular grocery budget ($120 per week) does not. Camping fees, admissions, permits all count. That’s all I can think of right now. Oh, and we have to go SOMEWHERE and do SOMETHING each week that is not part of our normal schedule. I can also use any passes or discounts I may currently have. I think I have a couple of tickets to Disneyland, and some movie passes. I’m not sure what else, but if I find it, I can use it. Now, I need to get to work on a plan.

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