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“We never clean at my house. We move in, trash the place for five years, then move out.”

Kimmy Gibbler: Full House, The Trouble with Danny (#5.22) While it’s not true here, it certainly looks like it might be. I went through the house taking pictures of each room. It is said, the camera adds ten pounds. I’ll … Continue reading

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"Sorry Ted. I’m not very good at making decisions… or am I?"

Father Dougal McGuire: Father Ted, Competition Time (#1.4) I think I finally have this blog thing figured out. At least for now. It hasn’t been easy. Along the way, my entire directory was deleted from cPanel. Talk about disaster. Did … Continue reading

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"I have a half-finished novel on my desk at home. One day, I may finish it."

Max: NewsRadio, Retirement (#5.21) The rest of the conversation goes: Jimmy: You wrote half a novel? Max: I read half a novel. I feel ya Max. I’ve always been an avid reader. My dad loved to tell the story about … Continue reading

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"Do you want to be home schooled?"

Kerry: 8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter It was the end of 2nd grade, the son had been attending a Montessori school since Pre-K. Having been a Montessori child myself, I knew how good the program could be … Continue reading

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“Wow, that new high-def screen sure shows every wrinkle.”

Chuck Bartowski: Chuck, Chuck Versus the Alma Mater (#1.7) When I was in seventh grade my dad bought a big screen TV. This was an unusual purchase. At the time, we didn’t have cable. Heck, we didn’t even watch broadcast … Continue reading

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"I want this table so clean I could eat my dinner off it."

Blackadder: Blackadder the Third, Sense and Senility (#1.4) I can’t remember when it started, but for the past year or so the husband, the son and I have Kat, the heir and the spare over for dinner once a week. … Continue reading

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“I did get you a donut. And then I ate it.”

Shawn Spencer: Psych, Woman Seeking Dead Husband (#1.4) After work last night, I came home and crashed. When I got up, I had just enough time to get ready and grab a Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer to eat at work … Continue reading

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“I’m caught in a web of my own good intentions.”

President John Sheridan: Babylon 5, Strange Relations #5.6 After sleeping all day, because that’s what you do when you work nights and don’t get any sleep the day before because you’re out playing mini-golf, I’m back at learning how this … Continue reading

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“Happy Birthday, and I hope you live another 75 years!”

Lucy Ricardo (to Ethel): I Love Lucy, Ethel’s Birthday Kat’s birthday was today. Don’t ask me how old she is, I’m not a snitch. For her birthday, she said she wanted to go mini-golfing. So we did. We took the … Continue reading

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“Five Curtain Calls…”

Sir Alexander Dane: Galaxy Quest I should probably explain the name before I do anything else. It doesn’t have any profound meaning. And the number five doesn’t have any major significance either. OK, this is our fifth year of Homeschooling. … Continue reading

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